We’re here to guide you from
start to finish

When you first contact EVCS, you’ll be pleased to speak with a true partner who understands your perspective and wants to work with you to design a solution per your expectations.


First Step

First, we will ask you for photographs of the existing site and some overall measurements, and from there, we will give you a list of two or three options for you to choose from. Some of these choices relate to capacity (from the simple, single-station charger or multi-charger options for larger complexes). We’ll develop a proposal for signoff.


Second Step

Next, we will ensure the meter, panel, and circuitry are ready to run the power cable from the meter to each charging station. We then install the desired pedestal and EV Charging Stations.


Third Step

Finally, we set up and demonstrate the software package to give you full control and visibility of the data you need.

If any of this seems complex – leave it to us. We’re here for you, from the initial assessment to the hardware installation through software implementation.

Also, it takes less time than you might think. Many installations can be accomplished in only 8-12 weeks.